Best Spooktober Movies


Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor in Cheif

Halloween. The perfect time to eat candy, snuggle up, and watch scary movies. Rather than be lame, here are some movies to make your Spooktober a little more spooky.


    Hocus Pocus. This classic is based in Salem, past and present.  When the three witches return, it’s up to Max, Allison, and Danni to stop them from rejuvenating, taking over Salem, and possibly eating all of the children.

  2. Nightmare Before Christmas. When Jack gets bored with Halloween, he thinks he should help Santa with his Christmas planning. When his plans backfire, Jack discovers the true mean

    ing of Halloween and restores his potential as The Pumpkin King.

  3. Beetle Juice. Beetle Juice, beeeeee – did you really think I was gonna say it three times? Never judge a paragraph by its first sentence. This movie isn’t just any normal Halloween movie -besides all of the dead people, it introduces you to the underworld and a demon whose name rhymes with Happy Moose, but be careful…say his name three times and you’ll summon him…
  4. It {original}. The original It mini-series is a great Halloween thriller filled with scares, blood, and, a very ugly clown.
  5. Monster House. I won’t lie to you, the first time I saw this movie I was scared out of my mind. The concept of a possessed house really was the cherry on top to my easily-scared-7-year-old-self. When a group of kids are trapped inside this demon house they must work together to escape it.

    Cabin Fever. A group of teens go out to a nice cabin for a nice vacation. Unfortunately, things don’t go so nice when they get a flesh-eating virus, and their neighbors want to kill them.

  7. Scream (1-4). Even though we all know the first Scream movie is the best out of all of them, they are all worth watching. A year after Sidney’s mom dies, she begins to

    receive strange phone calls from a killer, searching for revenge. You could say finding out who the killer is will make you SCREAM.