More Than a City: Why Prop 205 Was a Bad Idea

Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor in Chief

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Prop 205 would’ve declare Tucson a Sanctuary City, which means a city whose municipal laws tend to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation or prosecution, despite federal immigration law. If this law would’ve gone through, there are multiple elements that would have come along with the proposition. It would have restricted officials from reviewing people’s immigration statues, cut many of Tucson’s funding, and increased tax rates.

In my opinion, Tucson should not be a Sanctuary City because first, this would restrict officials to review immigration status, allowing some criminal records or other records to go by unseen causing some criminals to get by. Secondly, this proposition would cut off many of the funding that Tucson receives, causing a major decline in economy. Finally, tax rates would’ve most likely increased due to the new immigrants we’d have to maintain out of our tax money.

Even if proposition 205 seems beneficial, in reality its not. In the end it comes down to our priorities and what’s important to us. Most of the people who enter the U.S. are not under attack or in need of refuge, otherwise they would be in our refugee program. Many people come into the United States for the perks and luxuries, and in the end their happiness comes out of our pocket.

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