Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


Jasmine Lind, Contributor

Recently, Donald Trump made a decision to kill the general of Iran, Soleimani. Lots of people right now aren’t very happy with what he did, and find it wrong of him to do what he did. What people don’t understand is what it means to be a president. So what does it mean to be the president of the United States? Donald Trump’s job is to protect the citizens of his country. The man that he terminated was a terrorist. He killed hundreds of American citizens and troops. He was also the second most wanted man in the world.The U.S. has pursued him for decades, his operations within Iraq since 2003 have killed more than 600 American personnel.

If you haven’t figured it out, I don’t find it wrong what he did. I find it right and totally okay that he killed a terrorist that was harming our American people. He was trying to prevent more citizens from dying. I find it so ridiculous that Trump is getting all this hate from people because he killed a terrorist! I mean didn’t Obama do the same thing? Killed Bin Laden and gets praised. I just have a question, how many innocent lives does it take for someone to do something about a man killing our people. Is 600 not enough? Trump warned them as well. They hit us again and he followed his warnings.

One day there were some protesters in the middle east. Soleimani doesn’t even care about the lives of his own people, he didn’t like that they thought in their own way and he didn’t like how they disagreed with him. So what did he do, he killed a lot of them, about 500 of his own people, and we are feeling bad for him. He would kill our own American people just for fun. Would laugh at the torture that he was putting on our people, yet people still feel bad for him. If Trump didn’t end it, we would have been going down.He already didn’t care about killing his own people and we are giving him sympathy, and hating on our president. Our president knows what he was doing and people think he just stupidly made the choice. During the Iraq war, he gave sophisticated improvised explosive devices to insurgents to kill and maim Americans. His big part of his ruling and Soleimani’s life was to harm and kill Americans, so why are we so mad about getting him out of the picture to protect America?

Another reason a lot of people are angry with Trump’s decision is because he did not tell congress. Well, most of Congress is already against him, so why would he go to them? He legally doesn’t need to go to Congress for everything. Trump was thinking like a military man, he wanted a few people knowing. If Congress knew they probably would have put it on the media and Soleimani would have went back into hiding. Whatever danger Soleimani’s death might bring, danger was already present in lethal doses.

The people of America should have some type of trust in your president, whether you like them or not. He knows what he’s doing and he took down someone who wanted to harm us. He was doing his job, by keeping his people safe. That’s how you guys should look at this, it wasn’t a race this, it wasn’t a hate crime thing either. This man was targeting us and trying to harm us first. Trump just caught on and stopped him.