If the Student Body Had Superpowers

If the Student Body Had Superpowers

Nousha Aldhefery, Contributor

It’s 3 PM on a Wednesday and you must run home from school. Why? Oh, but of course to watch a new episode of The Flash! You run into the living room. Both of your parents are at work, so you have the TV all to yourself; freedom. You run into the kitchen to heat some microwavable mac and cheese. As you struggle to find the channel the anticipation and excitement in your body only grows further and further. Alas, you find the channel, grab your food, sit down forward to the coffee table and you start to hear Barry Allen’s intro that makes you smile a bit; eternal bliss. “My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive…” You can tell these are the good days. Something about being a superhero has made you want to be vigilante ever since youth, it can only make you wonder… what would happen if kids suddenly had superpowers? What would become if Sahuaro High is suddenly filled villains and heroines? 

Well, this is weird. The scrawny nerds are suddenly in a victorious lead. The kid who picks his nose, but is super good at math can all of a sudden shoot lasers with his eyes. The girl in the back who slaps on hot cheetos and has plastered eyebrows to cover up her forehead can miraculously speed up to 1,000 miles per hour. Sahuaro High is filled with chaos! How would we live! If this situation is ever upon us, we must vow for discipline, teach about what is in us, and finally, stop getting into fights, because now, somebody could actually get killed!

First things first, how can everybody have all these superpowers and not one of us could control them! We need a council, a group of people to keep us in check. This would not only stop the uncontrollable fights and threats at Sahuaro, but also build character as well. It could be called The Justice League! Or maybe that’ll be a copyright issue… however The Furious Seven could be arguably up for debate! They would be the ones to discipline the students. When one acts out they would be talked to, lectured to, of course somebody has to have the power of lecturing in here somewhere! Next, they would need to be tested in a situation. Like a virtual reality where they would be placed into a predicament and what would be the best choice to confide in. This would show their minds develop in numerous ways such as learning right from wrong, and being in control or just letting it go. Learning discipline is a huge leap to education on what everybody has. 

Some of the kids would take longer than others to learn about their powers. Maybe a couple of them wouldn’t even know their powers yet. Some are also unfairly more cool than the other, however it’s important to learn the turns and twists of it. If Sahuaro High was filled with kids who had superpowers, there should be classes based on their abilities. A class for the kids with telekinesis who cannot control the way their minds move objects. A class for the kids who can freeze time and continuously keep getting themselves in long situations by not knowing how to switch back and forth. Except this would be one class as a whole, for all the kids as a requirement to participate in. This way, not only do the kids know about their abilities, but have a good idea of the others as well. So if one kid suddenly catches on fire from the quiet kids fingertips, they know it wasn’t all on purpose. Understanding these kids and teaching them that their abilities aren’t wrong, just what they choose to do with them could cause harm. These ideals would extremely help in the case of the numerous fights going around Sahuaro. If kids learned another way to get their anger out instead of dealing on it with physical contact, Sahuaro would be a much safer school even if everybody did have deadly superpowers. These kids do not know any better because it’s all they know, punishment hasn’t worked solely because they know what they get into in the first place and still choose to throw a punch. Anger is obviously an issue every kid deals with, however certain ones deal with it differently. To stop violence around Sahuaro we need to discipline everyone’s ability and teach these kids how to express their powers in their own unique way that doesn’t cause violence or harm. Using a comic book is oddly enough an amazing template to making Sahuaro a better place.