yada land

yada land

Gabriella Jamerson


What is Yellow? A color? A word? Is it also a feeling? Perhaps a memory?

I like to think it’s more than just reflecting light rays. Although yellow is known to have positive effects on people such as myself, it can also cause anxiety and in large amounts, even anger. It is not known why this happens when yellow is known for its positive effects, but it may be because yellow is known to be an emotional color. It drowns our senses with memories of smells and emotions.

Yellow feels warm like the sun rising and drowning the Earth with its heat. This color reminds me of the miles of sunflower fields in Germany. My mom would take my siblings and I for evening walks up and down the hills beside the flower fields. Blessing us with their smell and beauty, telling us to slow down like the yellow light on a traffic signal. Slow down. Take in the scene of a yellow ocean of spring.

Yellow motivates. It won’t let you become distracted with the little things. It pulls me in and wraps its warmth around me so I can only focus on it.  Just looking at yellow makes me feel motivated and positive.


Yellow is a smell. New and fresh like spring time. The flowers, fruits, and bathing in the summer sun. Yellow is my time in San Diego. Walking across the beach with my best friends. Stopping at our favorite ice cream place just off the pier to cool down while the chilly winds start coming in from the water as the sun starts to set.

Yellow is my childhood. It’s my mood and motivation. It is the start and end of my day. It’s the smell and feel of my past and future. Yellow is a beginning.