Disposable Is SO Last Pandemic

All these masks were found on a beach in Hong Kong


All these masks were found on a beach in Hong Kong

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Due to the current pandemic, disposable gloves and masks are the hottest buy. Granted, I’d assume most people are more worried about staying safe, but our environment is suffering from this. Many people believe that since we’re staying home, the environment isn’t being affected as greatly. However, now that restrictions are being lifted, experts fear a future of more traffic, pollution, and worse effects of climate change.

National Geographic said, “In early April, with shutdowns widespread, daily global carbon emissions were down by 17 percent compared to last year. But as of June 11, new data show that they are only about 5 percent lower than at the same point in 2019, even though normal activity has not yet fully restarted.”

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Because of the potential traffic, our air quality will suffer along with our shorelines, which already are paying the price. Plenty of disposable masks and gloves are scattered across beaches, streets, and more. There’s already PLENTY of trash in our landfills and streets, why contribute to it?

Personally, I believe reusable cloth masks or plastic PPE face shields are the way to go versus disposable masks. With the reusable masks or shields, you only have to buy a couple, whereas the disposable masks have to be thrown away after each use. Cloth masks may be more expensive, but the cost of box after box adds up over time. With cloth masks, you really only need to buy a couple and wash them periodically.

Not only is reusable environmentally better, but they’re comfier and cuter. The surgical grade masks can get irritating, but not so much the cloth ones. Plus, you can get all sorts of fun designs AND contribute to local businesses by buying masks from them. Some local Tucson businesses selling masks include Pop Cycle, The Gaslight Costume Shoppe, QMULATIVE, and Fabrics That Go.

Do yourself and the environment a favor and invest in reusable masks or face shields. 🙂