Should Trans-Women Be Allowed to Compete in Women’s Sports?

Should Trans-Women Be Allowed to Compete in Womens Sports?

Brooklyn Comfort, contributor

Transgender women should not be allowed to play in women’s sports leagues if they transition after puberty. It is just not fair. We are allowing our daughters, sisters, and female friends to compete against grown men. There is a difference between the build of a female and a male’s structure. An average cis male is standing at 5’9” and weighing 197.9 pounds whereas an average cis woman is standing at 5’4” and 170.6 pounds.

It is not just their height and weight that largely differ, but their muscle build and body fat percentage. Men having testosterone makes it easier to build muscle faster than a woman, which leaves women with a smaller body fat percentage. An average female athlete has a body fat percentage of 14-20%and an average male athlete has a body fat percentage of 6-13%. That is a big contrast. When a trans woman transitions after puberty, her past testosterone has already helped build large muscles.

Not only is the height, weight, muscle growth, and body fat percentage difference leaving women who are biologically born a woman at a disadvantage, but it is also extremely unsafe. There is a reason sports do not have co-ed sports at a certain age and level. If it is unsafe for men to play against women then it’s unsafe for transgender women to play against cis women. Just imagine an ex-navy sailor dribbling down the court towards you during a basketball game. It is the same way other females felt about playing against Gabrielle Ludwig. Ludwig is an ex-navy sailor who, in his 40’s, transitioned and declared herself a woman. This was all after puberty and 8 years in the navy. Standing at 6’8”, 220 pounds, and tons of muscle mass, she now plays women’s basketball for Santa Clara California community college.

It would be insanely easy for someone 6’8” to drive in on an average 5’4” girl. She is taller, heavier, more muscular, and has a longer arm span, leaving it dangerous for those she plays against. Why put us, those who are born women, in danger?

Another transgender athlete who has also made female competitions unfair is CeCe Telfer. In 2016-2017, Telfer competed on the Franklin Pierce University’s men’s track team. This was very unsuccessful. Competing in the 400-meter hurdle that was 36 inches high, she ranked 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017. After CeCe transitioned, she competed in the 2019  women’s 400-meter hurdle that is 30 inches high. CeCe placed 1st in this event.

Men have different equipment, heights for hurdles, and different times for a reason. They are genetically built differently to be able to do that. If you can’t win in your gender’s competition, that doesn’t mean you should be able to compete in female events to win. CeCe went in and got an easy win. Sports are made for a competition, not for men who are sore losers to take away females’ chances.

Yes, of course, I want to support those who are just trying to be themselves. Although, to support a man who changed after puberty and is taking away a woman’s chances in sports. Well…

That is just outrageous. Winning properly is the only true way to win. I call Gabrielle Ludwig and CeCe Telfer cheaters. They are making sports more dangerous than it already is. They are making it more unfair and an easy giveaway to those who are transgender.

If you have made it this far in life to be competing in college, then you should have a fair shot to compete. If you have transitioned into a woman after puberty, you should just find a new hobby and not play in woman league sports.