Top 10 Scandals/Cringiest Moments of 2022


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Marley Gandee, Associate Editor-In-Chief

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  • Most commonly known as “The Slap Heard Around the World”, one of the most scandalous celebrity moments of 2022 touched down, or shall we say ‘hit,’ at the Oscars. Before Will Smith won Best Actor for his role in King Richard, Chris Rock made an admittedly rude joke directed towards Will’s wife, Jada. She has a condition called Alopecia, causing her hair to fall out, so Chris made a quip about G.I. Jane. At first, Will laughed, but after realizing Jada rolled her eyes, he became angry, walked on stage, slapped him, returned to his seat, and said, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.” Will Smith was then banned from the Oscars for 10 years.

  • Two well-known actors, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went to court against each other this year. Amber Heard’s allegations included: repeated sexual and physical assault, drug usage (particularly MDMA and cocaine), and the most scandalous of all, her dog was bit by a bee. In the end, Johnny Depp ended up receiving 15 million dollars, which was later reduced to 10.35 million, and Amber Heard walked away with 2 million.

  • Kanye West used to be a well-known, well-respected song artist. He recently went into a series of outbursts, targeted at Jewish people. Then he was banned from Instagram, lost his contract with Adidas, was uninvited to his deal with Sketchers, and lost his billionaire status. After this, he announced he would be running for president in 2024 with Trump as his vice, followed by another Twitter ban. He dined with White Nationalist and Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes, and Trump in what honestly appeared as the start of a coup. Each time he went on one of his outbursts, he had an excuse; his most recent was an announcement that he was autistic, which just happened to be after a big hate speech.

  • This year, a docuseries came out starring Meghan and Harry, and all their “problems.” The series was SIX hours of the crowned couple’s story, from the beginning of their relationship to their marriage. It included drama with Meghan’s dad, which is astonishingly stupid. Imagine being mad that your daughter is marrying a prince. Originally, the Royal Family has gone with “never complain” which makes sense, considering they live in a castle and should not have much to complain about in life. This series went completely the opposite, highlighting how terrible it is for them to be rich, even though they never have to worry about things the rest of the world does. Even the title, “Harry & Meghan” is egocentric.

  • This year, during the filming of “Rust” Alec Baldwin “accidentally” shot the producer, Joel Souza, and cinematographer, Halyna Hunchkins, sadly killing her. Souza sustained injuries but survived. This story may seem pretty straight up; the confusing part is how the gun accidentally went off. To set the stage, Alec Baldwin was practicing a scene where he grabbed a gun from his holster and pointed it at the camera, while Souza and Hunchkins were checking the camera angle. From here, two things went wrong, the first being that the gun was supposed to be a “cold gun” meaning it did not fire ammunition, only blanks. The second being that Baldwin claimed to not even pull the trigger. It gets even worse from here. Baldwin is now currently in a lawsuit with the crew who originally gave him the gun, saying they ruined his career. This case went from bad to the worst it could be.

  • One might assume after an affair that has been publicly announced, that the two parties might lie low for a bit. These two were certainly the opposite. After Amy Robach and T.J Holmes, two hosts of “Good Morning America” were found to be having an affair, mind you while married with children in the picture, they continued their relationship with a coffee date and an arm-and-arm walk down the street. During the investigation by ABC news, many thought that they would terminate their relationship, considering they are suspended from their jobs, and they might not want those terminated as well. Currently, the investigation is also looking into Holmes’ previous affairs with co-workers, including his producer.

  • Not only did Adam Levine get caught sexting, but he also got caught being really bad at sexting. This whole scandal is bad in itself, but it keeps getting worse. Levine slid into the DMs of several women while in a relationship with Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo, whom he has two little girls with. Since the incident, Levine has publicly apologized on his Instagram story saying, “I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner.”

  • Talk about SCANDAL. Brittany Griner was arrested in Russia for alleged “drug possession and smuggling” less than a month after Russia invaded Ukraine. Griner was originally sentenced to NINE years in prison. However, being famous and all, Biden had her back. In the first prison exchange deal, the U.S. called for her release as well as other detained Americans, but Russia didn’t agree. Finally, Russia and the U.S. made a deal to exchange a Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, leaving retired Marine Corps Veteran Paul Whelan behind.

  • Four kids in less than a year; it seems like Nick Cannon must’ve had some fun times. With his first wife, Mariah Carey he had twins; after this, it got interesting. On November 12th, Abby De La Rosa gave birth to his 11th child, and third with her. On November 3rd he announced the birth of his 12th child overall, this one with Alyssa Scott. Now, the real question is: what is his relationship with all these women? His first baby momma was his wife, then after that, they were all his girlfriends. Either way, four kids in less than one year is crazy.

  • Joe Rogan, a notable figure in American media, got several podcast episodes taken off Spotify for his controversial claims. These episodes involve COVID conspiracies, forcing Spotify to put a content advisory for future podcasts that contain COVID content. After this, he gained an astonishing two million subscribers and found an audience that somehow believed him.

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