Amazon + Kohl’s = $$$

Return Amazon Goods at Kohl’s

Amazon + Kohls = $$$

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

If you’re a teenager or just an irresponsible adult looking to waste your once-in-a-year birthday money, you go to Amazon first right? Amazon has everything you could ever dream of. But when you finally get your magical dream in a cardboard box and are severely disappointed, now you can go to your local Kohl’s and have it out with the customer service employee!

On Tuesday, April 23rd, Kohl’s (the largest department store chain in America) announced that they will be accepting eligible Amazon items at a select number of stores from their 1,158 stores across the country, this coming July.

Kohl’s benefits from this deal are clear. This deal will drive lots more foot traffic through the doors. If the people returning items, now with a little more cash in their wallets, see something they like after they drop off their package, Kohl’s gets to ring up the sale(s).

An Amazon booth set up in a Kohl’s location.

Amazon’s benefits include saving tons of money for transportation purposes. Instead of going to an endless number of home and office addresses to pick up returns, Amazon drivers will now make trips to Kohl’s and a significantly decreased number of other locations.

But most importantly, what benefits does this new deal provide for you? Well, shopping online doesn’t give shoppers the opportunity to try out products like perfumes or clothes. If you purchase the product and don’t like it, it’s a serious hassle to return it to Amazon, especially if you’re a teenager who has no idea what you’re doing. You can also return your item(s) at Kohl’s and then have a little shopping spree with all of that Kohl’s Cash that’s been piling up for weeks. It’s a win-win-win if you ask me.

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