Should Sports Go Back To Play?


Victor Ruiz

Lia Ghirardi, Contributor

Should sports be able to resume play in the time of a pandemic? Some may disagree, but I think that sports should be able to go back.

I myself play soccer and definitely want to go back to how things were. If I want to do anything in the future with soccer, that all depends on my playing in school and club soccer throughout high school. Missing a season could affect my chances of getting recruited if I go down that path. This applies to many other athletes as well.

NCAA has released guidelines for their college athletes to return to play. This should also apply to high school and club sports. If everyone is safe and cautious and goes by the rules, going back to our sport shouldn’t be a problem. If the season is delayed that is okay. With that being said, we should at the least be able to practice and or start preseason.

It is difficult to be away from a sport so long and then jump right into it again. If we get practice back, that will be a huge help. As an athlete, it is very crucial to stay engaged with your sport. COVID has affected all of our lives in some way. It may be selfish to say, but I think sports should go back. With the right safety rules enforced, it is possible to go back.