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Lia Ghirardi
Lia Ghirardi is a sophomore here at Sahuaro. She loves to play competitive school and club soccer. Lia also loves to spend time with her friends, family, and teammates. This is Lia’s first year with The Paper Cut. She is very excited to be a part of the newspaper this year! In the future, Lia plans on attending the University of Arizona to major in child development. She loves children and can see herself using her degree to become a child life specialist. In her free time, she likes to thrift shop, roller skate, and of course spend hours on Tik Tok. Lia also loves traveling and wants to do it more often in the future. Her favorite place she has gone so far is New York. One of her dream places to visit is Italy. Lia is Italian and would love to go see where her ancestors were from. She also loves to volunteer anywhere that needs help. Her favorite place to volunteer is at the New Spirit Church. One last thing that you should know about Lia is that she loves social events such as high school football games.

Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

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Lia Ghirardi