Welcoming Teachers With Open Arms – Ms. Millett


Lia Ghirardi, Editor

One month into the school year, Sahuaro juniors finally have a new teacher,  Rather than doing worksheets every day, the junior class is excited to welcome the newest addition to Sahuaro’s English department, Ms. Millett! Ms. Millett is here and ready to get learning into gear.

“There is so much opportunity…K-12 is more structured than college…” Before accepting a teaching position in the English department, Ms. Millett was teaching at Odessa College in Odessa, Texas. When she was working there she wasn’t only teaching, she was the school’s writing center coordinator as well. Transitioning from the college level to high school has been a process that Ms. Millett enjoys and has adapted to.  “In the classroom, there are so many meaningful connections.” What made her want to be a teacher in the first place? “School was my second home…school gave me stability. I love teaching literature…I wanted to expand from writing to literature curriculum.”

Moving to a new location can be tough, but Ms. Millett has made her mark in Tucson. She moved here from Texas early this year and is already loving her new home. “Everyone is doing their own thing…I love the diversity.” Outside of the classroom she has quite the green thumb. Ms. Millett is very into gardening and having her own touch with nature. In her free time she would volunteer at her local community garden with friends. Ms. Millett is one to stay moving consistently. She loves to go all around Tucson and hike and enjoys doing yoga. Yes normal yoga is calming and brings a sense of peace, but she wanted to expand out and try something new…goat yoga! When talking, she expressed how much she loved the experience and how she loves to be able to try something new.

Q:If you won a million dollars right now, what would be the first thing you would purchase?
A:A plane ticket to see my granddaughters.

Q:Who is your inspiration?
A:My kids…I raised them, but in a lot of ways they raised me.

Q:What is something that you live by?
A:When I interact with someone, I want them to walk away better than they came.

We are beyond lucky to have Ms. Millett here and we welcome her with open arms!