Breaking Records and Taking Names: Cassidy Morrow


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Breaking records and earning 12 varsity letters? You bet she can do it all. Cassidy Morrow is a senior student athelete with many achievements to her name. “I grew up playing sports all my life. I was and am the only girl in my family. I grew up playing with boys and having to keep up with them and learn to out smart them. The biggest people who have been there for me are my mom and dad. My dad has coached me ever since I was little, and he isn’t my softball coach anymore, but he still practices with me and makes sure I get my work in. My mom has done so much for me, she’s driven me everywhere for my sports. We’ve been to: Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, California, Florida, New Mexico, and sometimes just for weekend tournaments. They have always supported me and made sure I was keeping to my goals…”

Cassidy has played on varsity all 4 years of her high school career in softball, soccer, and golf. In soccer, she plays as a goalkeeper, and in softball she plays 3rd base. “I’ve been playing soccer ever since I was 5 years old, I’ve been playing golf for about 6-7 years, and I’ve been playing softball ever since I was 5 years old.” When asked what got her into these sports, she replied: “My dad always played sports and drove me to try them, and I fell in love with the game and they brought out the competitive side in me.”

Cassidy has played and continues to play club sports outside of school. “I played club soccer up until my 8th grade year and I have been playing club softball for 10 years…my current team right now is AZ Hotshots Gutierrez Gold, and it’s a Phoenix team.”

Cassidy Morrow #11

Cassidy’s outstanding skill led to record breaking moments in her high school career. “…my freshman year I tied the record for save percentage in soccer, and I found out this year that I broke that tie record and now set it at 92% save percentage…my junior year I set the most shutouts in my career and I have furthered that record after this past season.” With these successes comes great reward.

Even though Cassidy had a lot of success playing soccer, she made the decision to commit to play softball at Eastern Arizona College on a full ride scholarship. Cassidy plans to major in Sports Studies and then further her career in the medical field as a nurse. “After college I hope to be able to get into nursing school and start the major part in my life, using all the things I’ve learned the past years.”

When asked what advice she would give to student atheletes who want to play at the college level, Cassidy replied: “The biggest thing is dedication and sacrifice. I’ve missed many parties and gatherings, and hanging out with my friends, but I had a goal and I wouldn’t change a thing…”