Best Of Girls: 2023


Lia Ghirardi, Editor-In-Chief

Biggest Heart: Jasline Gomez 

What is the kindest thing you have done for someone? 

The kindest thing I’ve ever done for anyone is help them with anything, give them a ride, and give them money.

What makes you want to be kind? 

Every day I always wake up wanting to help and give. I love making people’s day.

Other than you, who is the kindest person in your life? 

The kindest person in my life is my Nina, Zette.

Best Musician: Gabriella Johnson 

What instrument(s) do you play and how long have you played them? 

I played the cello for 8 years and the piano for 4 years.

Describe your goals with your music.

I’ve just always wanted to play as best as I could and enjoy it while I played.

Which artists inspire you the most and why? 

Me, because nobody inspired me to play. 

Most School Spirit: Cesia Salazar 

What do you love about Sahuaro High School? 

I love the spirit weeks and the thrill at games (especially football games.)

What was your favorite spirit day and why?

I love dressing as your type because it reminds me of freshman year’s Vsco vs e-girl day.

What is the craziest outfit you have put together to show school spirit?

 My craziest outfit was for dress as your type because I actually looked like a dude. 

Best Glow Up: Mariah Flores 

What about you has changed the most since freshman year? 

My weight, face, and attitude.

What advice would you give to freshman “you”? 

To slow down and not worry.

What did you do to have a glow up?


Best Thespian: Mason O’Donnell 

Which actor/actress do you admire most? 

The actress I admire the most honestly was Marylin Monroe. She created her own studio and worked hard to not be seen as a dumb blonde.

What is your favorite role that you’ve been cast in? 

My favorite role that I was cast as was stage manager in the show, Ourtown…I was the main and got to talk the entire time haha.

How did you first get involved in acting? 

I was first involved in acting when I was 4, and I was involved in small shows at my community theater. I’ve always enjoyed singing, acting, and dancing so I’m amazed that I’m going to the University of Arizona for theater in the fall of 2023.

Do you get stage fright? How do you cope? 

Honestly, all thespians get stage fright…whoever says they don’t is lying. I cope by taking deep breaths and realizing that everything is going to be okay! 

Best Athlete: JoJo Boehme 

What sports do you play? 

Volleyball, soccer, and track.

What is your favorite sport to watch? 

I love to watch football.

Who is your athletic role model and why?

My role model is Gabby Douglas because when I was younger she inspired me to keep going for what you want.

  Best Dancer: Carlieta Mercer

 Why do you like dancing? 

Dancing allows me to show my personality, express how I’m feeling, and it is fun and keeps me moving.

If you could be on Dancing with the Stars, who would you want as your partner and why? 

I would want Derek Hough because he is an amazing dancer and I feel he could teach me a lot.

What song do you HAVE to dance to whenever you hear it?

Any Merengue or Cumbia music!

Best Makeup Artist: Alejandra Wiggins 

What makeup artist do you look to for inspiration? 

Daniella Davy – Makeup Artist for Euphoria

Why do you enjoy doing makeup? 

I like how you can show so much emotion through makeup.

Which products/brands are your favorite?

I like Azy. It’s a nice cheap product that is amazing to use.

Most Likely to Become POTUS: Felicity Way

Describe the main issue(s) your campaign would focus on:

Protecting our God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and funding fine arts education.

What would be your presidential slogan? 

Vote the right way, vote the only way, vote Felicity Way.

If you had to choose a classmate to run with, who would you choose for VP?

 Ava Lopez – she’s incredibly smart, would provide different perspectives, and she always offers me a ride :).

Best Artist: Tara Payette

What mediums do you work with?

I mostly work with color pencils, digital, or markers.

When did you realize you have an affinity for art?

I realized I had an affinity for art back in fifth grade; ever since then, I was obsessed with drawing!

How would you describe your favorite art styles? 

I’d describe my art style as a mixture between cartoon and realism.


Worst Case of Senioritis: Jasmine Wiseman

Describe your dream ditch day – what would you do? 

Going out to eat & going to the movies.

How has senioritis affected you academically and with your parents?

It takes me way longer to get stuff done. My mom just says on top of me.

Advice to next year’s seniors struggling with senioritis:

Get it done. Don’t nap.


Prettiest Eyes: Bianca Mackley 

 Who did you inherit your eye color from? 

My dad

 What could you see that would make you want to gouge your own eyes out? 

My parents naked

 What do you like best about your eyes? 

That they change color



Best Tattoo: Altaira Garibay

 Describe your best tattoo: 

Tree of life

 What was the inspiration for your tattoo? 

I thought it looked cool, none of my tattoos have meaning, they’re all what I like in the moment.

Where did you go to get it and would you recommend them?

I went to one of my friends and yes I would recommend them!


Most Likely to go Viral on Tiktok: Abigail Ibarra 

 How many views does your most viral Tiktok have? 


 Describe your favorite Tiktok video that you’ve made? 

My favorite videos are GRWM or my hauls.

 Who is your favorite TikToker and why?

My favorite tiktoker is Angie B. She’s a Hispanic 18-year-old who is entertaining.

Most Likely to Come Back and Teach at Sahuaro: Tori Sauro 

 If you were to become a teacher, what grade + subject would you teach? 

I would most likely never teach high school, however, I would teach elementary school because kids slay more than teenagers.

 Who is your favorite Sahuaro Teacher and why? 

My favorite teacher at Sahuaro is Ms. Tuli because she puts a strong effort into her teaching.

 Would you want to be a teacher and more importantly, WHY?

I would not want to be a teacher LOL.

Best Dressed: Gabriella Rodriguez 

 What are your favorite stores to shop at? 

Thrift, I don’t even know.

 How long does it take you to get ready? Describe your process.

30 min – 1 hr. Makeup, hair, outfit.

 What celebrity do you look to for fashion inspiration?

Nobody. I’m my own inspiration.

What styles do you love/hate?

Love street wear, hate girly.

Next Gordan Ramsey: Jade Schueneman 

 What’s your favorite meal to cook? 

My favorite meal to cook is teriyaki chicken.

 What’s the most difficult thing you’ve cooked/baked? 

The most difficult thing I’ve cooked was crunch.

 What do you hope to do with your mad cooking skills? 

I hope to let others try my cooking.


Makes People Laugh the Most: AJ Bonapart 

 Best clean joke on the spot:

I don’t have one. They just come to me.

 Who is your favorite comedian and why?

Kevin Hart, cause he’s funny.

Tell us the funniest thing that’s happened to you:

Falling off hurdles and when I fell down the stairs.

Best Best Friend Duo: Charlize Serrano and Makalia Laguerta

 How long have you guys been best friends and how did you meet?

M: 4 years, we met freshman year

C: We’ve been friends since we were ugly, then stopped, then became besties again.

 What is one of your favorite memories with each other? 

M: Going to Mexico and Disneyland together

C: Those were my favorites too! We’re about to go to the Philippines together too ;).

 If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would go crazy first and what would they do?

M: I would cry.

C: We would both go crazy tbh. Makaila would lose her mind tho. She’s too high maintenance for a deserted island.

Most Involved: Lia Ghirardi 

 What is everything that you are involved in at Sahuaro? 

I am Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, President of Varsity Club, Senior Class Treasurer, Book Club Treasurer, member of NHS, Varsity Girls Soccer Goalkeeper.

 What is your favorite extracurricular activity and why? 

My favorite extracurricular activity is running the school newspaper because I have a passion for writing. I have been Editor-in-Chief for 2 years and it has had such a positive impact on me.

 Why did you choose to be so involved in Cougar life?

I chose to be involved because I love people and have a lot of school spirit. Being heavily involved has brought me a great amount of friendships!

Best Smile: Neveah Conrad 

 How do you keep your teeth shiny and white?

I just take really good care of my teeth.

 What makes you smile the most? 

Almost anything.

 What would you do if you lost your two front teeth?

I think I would cry.

Best Ride: Natalya Larez 

 What do you drive?

1995 Honda Civic

 How did you get this ride?

Bought it off of Facebook Marketplace

If you could make any modifications to the car what would they be?

Lower it more, wrapped glossy black/red, put it on side skirts, maybe a wide-body kit.

What would your after-graduation dream road trip look like?

A road trip around all 50 states.

Best Singer: Payton Gandee

 What is your go-to song to sing in the shower?

My go-to song depends on my mood and what songs I’m learning. I love singing You Are My Sunshine and Come Thou Fount.

 If you were on The Voice, what song would you sing and who would you want as your mentor?

I would sing Love is the Reason by Mac Powell and I would choose a singer from Bethel Music as my mentor.

 Who or what inspired you to start singing? 

My churches and women in these churches have helped me to be encouraged to continue singing.