Hybrid Learning: Here’s What We Know


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

The idea of going back to in-person school has been very up in the air lately, so what’s happening?
A plan called “hybrid learning” has been introduced for when it is safe to return back to school, even if it is only for a couple of days. This plan states that students would go in-person a couple of days of the week while the other days stay virtual. Depending on your last name is when you would physically go to school if you choose to.

photo from go.boarddocs.com

Last night, the TUSD board had a meeting discussing what they wanted to do for elementary, middle, and high school education when it comes time to applying the hybrid learning to our school year. They will put the plan in place; it is just a matter of when.
The board had the idea to go back to school on October 19th, but it was voted no and no agreement was made to attend at that date. Superintendent Dr. Trujillo did talk about a later date for face-to-face learning. He told the board members to prepare for November 12th for students and teachers to go back. Trujillo decided this day so that teachers have time to prepare their classrooms to be safe and ready so no one gets sick.
The next board meeting will be held on October 27th where they will go further into detail about procedures and dates of going back. They will discuss and vote on a future date for face-to-face attendance.

How do teachers and parents feel about going back? Around 2,000 TUSD teachers were surveyed on their opinion. Over 70% of teachers stated in their survey that they would not want to attend school again due to not feeling comfortable in the classroom. About 20,000 TUSD parents were surveyed and around 45% said that they would like their children to go back to school.

Below is the middle and high school hybrid model that we would follow.

When it is time to go back into the classroom, this would be the plan that is followed. Are you ready for “back to school”?