Sahuaro Cougar Foundation Breakfast 2022


Lia Ghirardi, Editor-in-Cheif

On November 5, Sahuaro’s Cougar Foundation held its 29th annual Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast. Sahuaro students, staff, alumni, and foundation board members came together to make this event special for the inductees. The event started out with some involvement from Sahuaro students. Student Body President Cesia Salazar kicked off the event by leading everyone in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. From there, Sahuaro’s Concert Choir went on to give a performance singing the Star Spangled Banner. Sahuaro’s band participated in the event as well. Once the choir was all done, Sahuaro’s band played some tunes that everyone enjoyed. This gathering was a breakfast, so who provided it?

Sahuaro’s very own culinary class/ Chef Me Up club did all the preparation and cooking for this event. The menu consisted of sausage, bacon, pancakes, potatoes, and much more. They also had a build-your-own omelet bar with different cheeses, veggies, etc. Sophomore and Culinary President Karyck Donnelly expressed their love for cooking and how much fun hosting this event was, “…we all enjoy cooking so it was easy and fun…we got to bond over it as well.”

Once breakfast was done, it was time to get to business. Cougar Foundation President Jeffry Gardner started off with giving some history of the Cougar Foundation and mentioning those being inducted this year. Jeffry Gardner has been the President for 2 years now and has had nothing but a positive experience. “I am essentially a board member who helps run the meetings. The Cougar Foundation distributes over 25,000 dollars worth of scholarships, financial aid, grants for classrooms, and other support for the campus and the community and I help oversee that.” When asked what his favorite part of being president is, he replied, “The Hall of Fame breakfast is absolutely my favorite part, it allows me to reconnect with people who have contributed to the community and show respect for the people that have done so much to elevate Sahuaro.” Once he was done with his speech, it was time to start honoring those getting inducted.

Each inductee had someone (a friend or loved one) who got to speak about them and how they have had a positive impact on Sahuaro and/ or the community. From there, the inductees got to come up, give their speeches, and receive their Cougar award. This year, four people were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Ashley Nowe excelled in sports and academics while at Sahuaro, participating in softball, the National Honors Society, and led the business program. She graduated in 2001 from Sahuaro and went on to study journalism at the U of A.

 Jim Scott began his teaching career in 1969 and began coaching at Sahuaro in 1986. In his first season coaching the Freshman Girls’ Basketball Team, he had a successful 16-0 record and then went on to coach the varsity girls.

William “Bill” Hanson was a Sahuaro Varsity Track Team runner. During his time on the team, he won the Southern Division Release Championship two years in a row. Mr. Hanson graduated from Sahuaro in 1977 and went on to work as a detective at Tucson Police Department.

LT. COL. Marc Vielledent excelled in academics and athletics during his time at Sahuaro. He earned the 2001 Wendy’s high school Heisman award for the state of Arizona and was an active member of the National Honor Society. He played on the 2000 and 2001 state championship boys’ basketball teams, then went to play D1 basketball for West Point College. After college, he went on to join the military.

To conclude this event, everyone gave praise and applauded the inductees. It was a beautiful event filled with laughter, tears, and some incredible food. Congratulations Hall Of Famers!