I’m A Hippie and You Should Be Too


Lia Ghirardi, Editor

A day-to-day lifestyle of peace, love, and happiness is something that everyone deserves to experience. Making the transition to a hippie lifestyle changed my way of life and view of reality.

For me personally, I am an extremely busy person with not much free time on my hands. Living a consistently busy lifestyle can lead to stress, which it did for me. For a few weeks, I could not handle everything that life was throwing at me. Between school, work, sports, and family life, I could not manage everything. I knew I needed a solution, so I decided to do a little bit of research. After a lot of internet research, I decided to try meditating and journaling at least once a day. I started to consistently do this and it really helped me find my peace within myself.

Meditation worked so well for me that I began doing some more research on how to keep my energy positive, and the answer was crystals! When I say I love and care so much for my crystals, it is not an understatement. Right now I only have a small collection, but by the end of this year, my room will look like a local crystal shop. Some of my favorite crystals are carnelian, any kind of quartz, and sodalite. I love these specific crystals because they all help promote personal growth in one way or another. The crystals have helped me tremendously through the energy each crystal gives out. Having my crystals with me at all times is a must to keep the positive vibes in the air.

Another big part of my hippie lifestyle and search for inner peace is having plants. My plants are my children, and each one has a very special place in my heart. I love to keep small potted plants on my windowsill so that they get the perfect amount of sunshine. I love my real plants, but I am also obsessed with my fake ones too. All throughout my room I have a ton of fake succulents and a lot of strands of leaves to add some life to my room.

Self growth, love, and peace are more important than some think, and it can be hard to find it. Journaling, meditation, crystals, and plants have been the key components to helping me find myself and become stress free. Make the decision to bring out that inner hippie, you’ll thank me later!