Welcome Back Sahuaro Soccer!


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Sahuaro soccer is back and ready for an amazing season! Due to unfortunate circumstances there are strict measures put in place so everyone is safe and healthy. This includes social distancing, wearing your mask, temperature checks, etc. Our coaches are doing an awesome job keeping practice going while staying safe and healthy.

Senior varsity captains Quinn Riley and Cassidy Morrow are very excited for this season and what it has to offer. “For this season I’m excited that we have a season with all the craziness, but I can’t wait for the competition we’re going to play,” said Cassidy. When asked what goals they have in mind for the season, they both replied winning State. “I know how hard this team works and this is a goal we can definitely achieve,” said Quinn.

Photo from Quinn Riley

How are things looking for the JV team? Our JV team this year is smaller compared to last year but that will not come in the way of success. The team has already started to form connections and is learning something new every practice.

Even though we are so grateful to have a season, it sadly won’t be the same. All the normal team gatherings, celebrations, etc. have to be done in the safest way possible if they can even be done at all. Our girls have been so positive and happy that we even get to experience playing this year.

We got this Cougars! Play hard, play fast and get those shots. Welcome back Sahuaro soccer.