Chris Stapelton: All American Road Show Tour


Lia Ghirardi, Editor

Country music artist Chris Stapelton put on an astounding performance in Phoenix at the Ak-Chin Pavillion this past Saturday. Performing top songs such as Tennessee Whiskey, guitar solos, and his outstanding opening artists made watching the concert worthwhile.
The concert started with two opening performances by English musician Yola and country music artist Jamey Johnson.
Yola was the first to perform and did it flawlessly. Her strong voice projection and the way she can hold onto a powerful note for countless amount of seconds was breathtaking. Yola performed some older songs of hers and new ones from her most recent album “Stand For Myself.” While on stage, she got the crowd excited by dancing and strumming away at her guitar. Her best song that was played was “Be My Friend” from the album “Stand For Myself”. It is a song that gives off happy vibes, and to be able to witness the positivity shown through the song live was something that I enjoyed most from the concert. I had not listened to music by Yola before, but I am now a fan and I have already started binge-listening to her latest album. Yola’s performance in my eyes was no doubt a 10/10, and I would love to see her perform again.
Once Yola’s time was over, Jamey Johnson came out to perform, and I was not impressed. He was boring to watch, and all of the songs he was performing sounded exactly the same. While he was on stage, I was zoning out and just kind of watched, to watch. I was not impressed by his physical performance, but he does have a great voice and you can tell he is a talented musician…he just personally wasn’t my favorite. I would rate his overall performance a 6/10, but I would not want to go see him again.
Finally, the time has come that everyone was waiting for…Chris Stapelton! He came out on stage and started with a small guitar solo and everyone went wild. The first half of the show was great. Everyone was happy and enjoying the music, but the second half of the show was unbelievable. For me personally, the show really started when he performed his song “You Should Probably Leave”. It is my favorite Chris Stapelton song, and I had been waiting the whole night to hear it. When I heard the intro to the song start, I jumped in excitement. The song has the perfect relaxing vibe with a happy yet heartfelt disposition at the same time. His vocals in that song specifically are so sensational and can put anyone in a good mood.

Another key highlight of the show was when he closed out the concert performing his arguably most popular song “Tennessee Whiskey”. Most people will know this song when you play it for them. It was the song that really got Stapelton a kickstart in the world of country music. The crowd was so loud and a vast majority of the audience knew every single word. After the second verse of the song leading into the chorus, the main lights went dark, and bright white lights shined into the audience so that they could sing the chorus to Stapelton. The crowd singing brought me chills, and it was an experience I won’t forget. The concert was truly an unforgettable one, and I will be buying future Chris Stapelton tickets. His performance was no doubt a 10 out of 10, and I am so excited for the day I get to see him perform again. Overall, it was an outstanding and positive concert and I left with multiple memories and a happy mood. This is your sign to listen to more country music and attend more concerts!