Senior Assassin Or World War 3?


Lia Ghirardi, Editor-In-Cheif

It is officially war between the Sahuaro Class of 2023. A group of Sahuaro seniors came together to participate in a game of Senior Assassin. Senior Assassin is like a big game of tag. The students each have a partner, and with that partner, they need to eliminate another team in the game. Each duo was assigned a target team, and to move forward, you would need to eliminate them with your partner. The fun part about this game is that to eliminate and get eliminated, you have to use a water gun.

So what are the rules?

1.) School is off-limits during school hours

2.) The inside of work, home, and religious places is off limits…parking lot of that location only

3.) To show that you eliminated someone you must take a video of yourself shooting them

4.) Water guns only! Water guns are the only weapon you can use to eliminate someone

5.) Absolutely no hits on Prom night

Seniors have taken this game to the next level and created what seems to be like World War 3. The group downloaded the app Life360 so that everyone knows where everyone is at all times in order to eliminate. This game was first started by a student from Salem High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The students took this idea to the app TikTok and it started to become a popular game. Student Body President, Cesia Salazar, is the organizer of this event and has expressed that it is fun seeing everyone play against each other. “This was something that was popular on TikTok and members of the senior class wanted to participate in our own game of Senior Assassin. We organized it to start at the beginning of April and to last throughout the rest of the school year.” So far the game has gone smoothly and there have been 11 eliminations out of 24. “It is funny seeing people get eliminated, but also stressful that I am the judge and have to confirm eliminations.”

Once there is an elimination, the video gets sent to the Senior Assassin group chat that all the players are in for Cesia to review. Once the elimination is confirmed, the video is then posted to the Sahuaro Senior Assassin account for everyone to see.

So what’s in it for the winners? To play this game, each student paid 5 dollars to “the pot”. The last man standing gets the total amount that all the players paid. There are also extreme bragging rights. The seniors have taken this game to the next level and it is every man for themselves!

To keep updated on how this game is going and to watch eliminations, check out the Senior Assassin Instagram account @seniorassassinshs23.