ACT Testing Gets Canceled


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Were you expecting to take the ACT test this year? Well…it’s canceled. The test was supposed to take place on December 12th, but much like everything else, it will not.
“…the District is not allowing properties for community use until the District is in phase 3 (Open); therefore, ACT is a no-go for this semester,” said Mr. Estrella. The testing could only be available at Sahuaro once we are fully back in person, so at this point, who knows when that will happen.

“74 people were signed up…” said Ms. Lange, Sahuaro English teacher who also is the ACT test administrator for east Tucson. So now the question you are probably wanting the answer for: “What is the new date for testing?” It is too early to say yet.  As previously mentioned, we do have to be back in person in order to go through with the test, but there isn’t an exact date yet; it definitely will not be this semester. Unfortunate circumstances have caused a lot of havoc in the school year and has delayed/canceled a lot of events, but our administration is working to get things on track as smoothly as possible.

For the people worried about how this could affect going into college, it’s not all that bad. Some colleges won’t be requiring ACT or SAT test scores to get accepted in. Some being the U of A, Baylor University, etc. Some colleges have specific graduation years that don’t need an ACT score and others don’t, but multiple colleges have stated that students in the 2021 graduating class will not need a score to be accepted into the college. Different rules could apply depending on the college you choose. Obviously Ivy league schools will most likely not apply this when accepting students but every college will be different.