What Puts A Smile On My Face?


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

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  • Soccer! Soccer is a huge part of my life. My dedication for the sport started in 2017 and now I can’t live without it. These are the cleats that get the job done out on the field.

  • Tapestries! I am currently in the process of redecorating my room and tapestries are my new obsession. The new theme is music which calls for an epic Astroworld tapestry.

  • Driving! Some people hate having to drive but I love it. I am new to the road so be careful if you see a Camry. Listening to some Tyler The Creator while cruising down Speedway is the best feeling.

  • Journaling! When journaling I feel like I am in my own world and I absolutely love it. Journaling is a time for me to really self reflect. Looking back at previous writing makes me smile to see my growth as a person and writer.

  • Perfume! When I tell you I love perfume I truly mean it. I don’t leave the house without it. Getting new perfume gives me a sense of joy not many other things can give me.

  • Jewelry! Jewelry is very important to me. While I have a lot of just every day pieces, there are some things that individually mean a lot to me. My father passed away in 2017 so I have a lot of jewelry that he gave me that makes me very happy to keep him in my thoughts.

  • Money! The feeling of knowing I have money makes me very happy. I love to shop and you can’t do that without some money.

  • Roller skating! The skating rink is like a home away from home. I have been skating there for years and have formed many strong relationships. When skating nothing else matters except how much fun you are having.

  • Cooking! I love to cook anything and everything. I love being able to see my family enjoy the food I prepare. I come from an Italian background so knowing how to cook is a priority. I’m not Gordon Ramsay, but I can make some good dishes.

  • Makeup! I started playing around with makeup at a young age and had so much fun with it. As you can tell I am not a makeup artist, but putting together some easy every day looks is so much fun!

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