Happy Mother’s Day! Gift Ideas for Moms


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

Don’t know what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Want to go spend time with her, but you don’t know what to do? Don’t fear, the Mother’s Day whisperer is here!

Photo from CraftyLeoArt on Etsy.com (Craft idea example)

Creative Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can create yourself:
1.) Picture collage shadow box
To do this, go to a store that provides printing services and print out 10-15 pictures that you would want in the collage. (CVS and Walgreens are good locations!)
Next, buy an 8×8 shadow box. You can find them in most generic stores such as Walmart and Target, but Amazon has some great options too.
Then, find some letter stickers that can go on the front of the shadow box. If you have a vinyl machine or have access to one, then that’s the best option. As an alternative, you can use self adhesive vinyl letters that you can purchase from any craft store such as Michael’s. (Amazon has great options too!) White or cream colored letters will work best for this project! Once you have purchased the letters, it’s time to put them on the front. You could spell out “Happy Mother’s Day” or put any phrase that maches to your Mom or whoever the gift is for.

Now it’s time to make the picture collage. Cut the pictures to size to fit in the shadow box. Assort them randomly as an 8×8 collage. Once finished, place it in the shadow box and close up the box. Wrap it in some cute tissue paper, place it in an even cuter bag, and give it to that lucky mother of yours!

2.) Mother’s Day coupon book
Want a funny idea for a gift? A coupon book will sure do the trick.

First, make yourself a list of ideas of things you could do for your mom on random occasions. Ideas being a backrub, making her a meal, doing a task she doesn’t want to do, etc.

Photo from PersonalizationMall.com

Then create the coupons! Start decorating them according to what you put on the coupon. You can put “Good for 1 free cooked meal” and decorate it accordingly.
Make about 10 – 15 of these with a variety of different tasks you can do and she will be sure to love it!

So what about gifts that aren’t for mom? Maybe you are celebrating Mother’s Day for your grandma or aunt. Well this idea is perfect for you!
3.) Gift basket
You can NEVER go wrong with gift baskets as a gift! This gift is also perfect because the possiblities are endless. You can make modifications to this idea based off who you’re celebrating, but for this idea we are making a spa styled basket.
First, go find a cute basket that can hold a few items. Nothing too big, nothing too small, go off your judgement.
Once you found the perfect basket, it’s time to get a few pampering items, Select about 5 to assort in the basket from this list.
*Bath bombs
*Nail polish
*Sugar scrubs
*Lip scrubs
You can modify these baskets to be whatever you want! Fill it up, wrap it cute, and pair it with a nice card for the best gift ever.

Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can buy –
*Coffee mugs
*Jewlery (necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.)
*House/room decor

You want to take your mom or loved one out but don’t know what to do besides going to dinner? Here’s some ideas your special someone is sure to love!

1.) Take her out to do something relaxing. Going to get a massage or nails done are two of the best examples. It is a great way to decrease stress and make her feel amazing at the same time.

2.) Take her out to do something fun that feels like an escape. One year I took my loved one to go drive go-carts and it was a ton of fun!

3.) Coffee date! Find a cute coffee shop in your area and go sit down with each other and enjoy some coffee. A specific coffee shop I recommend is the Chocolate Iguana on 4th Avenue.

Celebrate the woman in your life that goes the extra mile for you this Mother’s Day!