Class of 2023 Course Selections


Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

It’s that time of year, course selections! This past Wednesday, February 3rd, sophomores selected classes they want to take next school year as juniors. Students attended their history classes to make the selections on Microsoft Forms. The sophomores picked their math, English, science, history, and top 5 elective choices for their future schedule.

When asking some select members of the class of 2023 what classes they picked and why, AP courses seemed to have been a popular selection.

Anabelle Canto Parker is a student who excels academically and keeps her grades at a 3.8 GPA or higher. The classes she chose were…
*AP Language
*AP U.S history
*Algebra 2
*Earth and Space science
*Avid 5/6
When asked why she chose to take AP classes, she responded, “I chose to take AP courses for next year to challenge and push myself to my full academic extent, and to receive college credit.”

Samer Yakoub is also a student who likes to push himself to his best academic ability. Samer decided to take an AP class next school year too. The classes he chose were…
*AP Language
*U.S history
*Algebra 2
*Honors chemistry
*Sports Med
When asked why he chose to take an AP class, he responded, “I chose to take an AP class because I felt like I had more potential in my work and I could push myself to achieve more out of some aspects of school.”

So yes AP seems to be popular, but what is it? AP stands for advanced placement and is classes where you can receive college credit. At the end of the year you take the exam for your AP class, and if you recieve a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the test you will recieve college credit. If you are interested in taking an AP class talk to your counselor!