Wellesley Gains A Gem: Salote Vakatawa

Wellesley Gains A Gem: Salote Vakatawa

Lia Ghirardi, Reporter

All girls college? Yep, that’s the plan for Senior Salote Vakatawa! “My name is Salote Vakatawa. I’m 18 years old. I was born in Fiji and then I immigrated with my family to the states at the age of 9…”

Salote is set to attend an all female school, Wellesley College, next school year.

“I wanted to attend this college because it seemed really challenging academically, and unique since it’s an all-women college.” Certain factors such as GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and college essays could determine your acceptance to a college. “I think my essay and my extracurriculars contributed to my acceptance. I did a lot of research on Wellesley College and I was really genuine and open in writing why I wanted to attend. As for my extra curriculars, I was quite involved with clubs and sports, so I think they had a great impression on my application,” says Salote on her acceptance into Wellesley. Her current GPA is a 4.0 and she chose to not take the SAT or submit a score.

There could be advantages and disadvantages to attending an all female college, but Salote sees a positive outcome in attending. Salote states: “I think the advantages are definitely the academic opportunities, the alumni network, and the empowerment and supportive environment of women.”

So what are her plans while she is attending this college? Salote says that: “As of current, I’m majoring in history, but I plan to double major in history and environmental studies with a language minor….I aspire to become either an enviornmental lawyer or historian…” Aside from academics, she wants to travel and explore the east coast.

After college Salote has some big plans. Once finished at Wellesley, she wants to attend law school. In the meantime, she would like to intern at a law firm or a museum. She also would like to do some traveling such as going back to Fiji.

All these plans sound pretty cool, but Salote is even cooler. Salote is fluent in Fijian, English, and basic French. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies and tv shows, reading, and playing the piano. Wellesley College, get ready to recieve a gem: Salote Vakatawa!