Sahuaro’s CTE Crew V.S. Zoom

Sahuaro’s CTE Crew V.S. Zoom

Lia Ghirardi and Paula Le

How have our CTE teachers adapted to using Zoom? Virtual learning for some could be difficult, but our CTE crew is keeping it fun, interesting, and exciting. From using breakout rooms, to dance brain breaks, our CTE teachers know how to keep students engaged.

Image from University of Buffalo

When asked what life is like at home and work via Zoom, the computer science teacher describes his time with his kids as a lot of fun. Once it is time to get into the work zone, Mr. Christian’s plan to keep students engaged with class is by having his class project-based. He likes the idea of working on projects since his students find them enjoyable and they “often work ahead”. Mr. Christian says, “Most of them are on the computer already”, therefore it already is convenient.

COVID-19 has affected our lives in some way shape or form. Culinary teachers Mr. Vanuga and Ms. Thomas stayed busy over quarantine by creating lesson plans for the upcoming school year. Mr. Vanuga and Ms. Thomas are keeping students engaged by having tasty recipes set in place for students. They also keep students engaged by going into breakout rooms so students can communicate with each other. A popular recipe in the class is the orange chicken. Vanuga and  Thomas try to mix it up in the classroom to keep students interested.

Our sports medicine teacher, Ms. Fajardo (Becky) also talks about what she has been doing. Throughout quarantine, Becky has been staying active. “I work out on a daily basis- running, lifting weights. It definitely helps with my stress levels.” While in the classroom, she is trying to keep students engaged in learning. She adds in body movement so that students have a brain break throughout class time.