Dalton Oxley: The Youngster


Rowan Oxley, Reporter

My brother is a strange child. He enjoys video games and cars, and wants to be a professional remote control car driver when he grows up. Because of COVID-19’s appearance, Dalton Oxley has been through some odd things in recent events, such as going into online school and having much more free time than he normally would.

Dalton goes to school at Tucson Country Day School, or TCDS. It is a public charter school, serving children in kindergarten to eighth grade, as well as a private preschool and pre-k program. The Tucson Country Day School has been around for more than 50 years as an eleven-acre outdoor campus on the Catalina Mountain Range. It is a gorgeous campus that he, sadly, never got to go to, because the learning is remote.

Even with the craziness that he has been thrown into, he still finds things to do. He says, “My favorite part of online school is my first class with Ms. Rianna.” His first class is Social Emotional Learning, commonly abbreviated to S.E.L. This is sort of an emotional check-in for students, to state thoughts, fears, concerns, and anything on their mind. He says he does not have a least favorite part and seems to enjoy all his classes, to varying degrees. He enjoys school, classes, and loves his teachers.

In his free time “I check my email or I do school work,” he says. While this may be what he tries to do, he also spends time outside on his scooter or inside on YouTube. When he’s out of school, he likes to hang out with our dad, watch YouTube, or play video games. He loves to play car games, and some of his favorites are BeamNG Drive and Forza Horizon 4. He hooks the laptop up to the TV and plays video games until he’s bored or it’s time for dinner.

Overall, my brother is odd, but still fun to be around. I will enjoy watching him grow up.