Man Has 130-Pound Tumor Removed


Sidney Moyers, Reporter

Most people don’t view themselves as the “ideal weight.” Because we are too hard on ourselves, we tend to think we are either too big or too small. So when a man from Mississippi, Roger Logan, found out that that he had a 130 pound tumor that significantly contributed to his weight, he was quite surprised.

According to CBS News, Logan’s non-cancerous tumor actually began 15 years ago as a simple ingrown hair. It soon swelled with an infection and began a blood supply all its own. Doctors repeatedly told him it was only fat, but problems arose as it kept growing larger and larger until it was a whopping 130 pounds. This added weight prevented Logan from living his life and he was bed-ridden unless someone helped him up.

Logan’s life changed though, on January 31, when he went to Central California to have the burdensome growth removed. Even though he was told that the surgery would be dangerous and he would only have a 50% to live, his wife, Kitty encouraged him to never give up and push past all of the worry.

Now, Logan seems to have his life back and actually walked around for the first time in many years. He is now ready to to resume his life and and be free from a life of dependence.