Mattison Garry’s Senior Project is the Bomb

Mattison Garrys Senior Project is the Bomb

Jessica Luna

Remember the bomb threat incident that happened 3 years ago? Well, what Mattison Garry chose for her senior project had the whole school spooked.  She happily brought in officers and two police dogs to show off to the class her experience learning about bomb-sniffing dogs and the airport police. The dogs even put on a performance, showing the class their talent of how well they sniff out bombs. Of course no real bombs were present, but there was still a little bit of bomb powder hidden for the dogs to sniff out. The police officers taught her what regulations the airport has and basically how everything comes together.

Garry’s mother worked at the Tucson International Airport for 31 years, so she had prior knowledge about the police officers,  but wanted to learn more. She says the hardest thing about the actual project was just making time around her busy work schedule to head over to the airport and get the right information she needed. She also was stuck on how to present to the class in a fun way instead of just having a boring, straight fact presentation. Her presentation blew the class away (thankfully not literally) and the bomb dogs were a huge hit with the school.

Fun fact: One of the bomb dogs in the presentation, Hannah, was actually involved in searching for bombs at Sahuaro three years ago.