Swim Team, That’s A Wrap


The swim season started with a splash, almost 70 kids in the pool, and a fresh start to make this season one to remember. The swim season ended with 2 invitationals. one took place at the U of A recreational center which was a treat for all swimmers. The chance to compete in a professional pool is an experience to remember. Thousands of kids from all over the Phoenix and Tucson area came to compete at the facility. The second invitational was at the Oro-Valley recreational center, that had crystal clear waters and a conversion from long distance yardage to short distance yardage.

Five boys off the swim team qualified for championships and traveled up to Phoenix to compete. Landon Ogle qualified in 2 individual events and also was a leg in the relay along with the rest of the boys including: Zach Sierra (junior), Michael Kruszewski (junior), and Sebastian Kanizsai (senior). They also took Manny Zarate (senior) as a extra.

Monday, November 13th, swim had their end-of-the-year banquet. All of the swimmers got to eat together for the last time this season, the seniors were recognized, letters were passed out, and awards were given.

This season 2 awards were given out for the best teammate, voted on by the team and this year’s winners were, Barbara Crate, senior, and Chase Kuapahi, senior. Barbara spoke happily, “After winning this award I feel like I have won the lottery, it’s nice knowing that I made swimming a fun experience for my teammates.”

The Coaches also awarded 2 of the hardest working swimmers this year an award. The winners were Colton Marasco, sophomore, and Emma Dabler, sophomore. Emma stated, “After all of the hard work I have put into swim, it is nice to get a pat on the back.” After winning the award Colton said he felt “Surprised” and “Happy” after getting the award.

The team is ready to kick some splash next year on the swim team and everyone was sad to see this year come to an end.