Site Council Minutes April 10, 2018

Site Council Minutes April 10, 2018

Date: April 10, 2018     Location: Room 207   Time: 4:07 – 5:11 pm

Certified Representatives: 
Eva Lange
Matthew Barany (absent)
Ashley Depugh
Michael Halfmann
Student Representatives:
Austin Molina
Katelyn Kubly
Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Sunshine Turner (absent)
Craig Courville
Nelson Brown
Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (absent) 
Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley

Call to the Audience: No call

Action Items:
1. Motion to Approve minutes from March 13, 2018 meeting by Mr. Courville, 2nd by Mr. Halfmann – all approved

Discussion Items:
2. Our engineer, Tori, was on FML, and has since accepted a new position elsewhere. The vacancy is posted, next week or the following week will be interviews. TUSD maintains a “heat map” which is set in the 74*-78*F range. They make changes remotely. If it is more complex, they must send someone over to adjust the chillers. No one else may work on the chillers. If there is a plumbing or electrical issue, work orders are placed. Central Office does respond, but not as responsive as having an engineer on campus. Mrs. Hurley is in touch with them on a daily basis. The plumber came last week and fixed several things. The sink in nurse’s office has been fixed.
3. Shade for patio between 300-400 building – the lead groundsman’s last day is today. We are in process of hiring a lead replacement. Trees are more feasible than a structure and once the new hire is in place, this can be discussed.
4. Funding for field trip buses (Request for AP Boot Camp & set up allocated account)
• AP Boot Camp has requested funding for buses to UofA to push college aspect from AP department, but as a fallback, a request has been made to set aside funding for buses. A bus to Phoenix is $1,060; a local bus is $150. A precedent has been set to use undesignated tax credit money for culturally enriching and academic enhancement, (facilitator called TUSD Site Council and verified), therefore a vote was put in place (but will still be an action item on next agenda) for $300 for 2017-2018 allocated and $1,360 allocated for school year 2018-2019. All in favor of both items.
5. Scholarship money for 2018-2019 AIA fees
• For 2018-2019 $2000 will be allocated for AIA fee scholarships. Criteria: 1) must be academically eligible 2) Must fill out a TUSD Fee Waiver Reduction form 3) Must first apply for and be declined for an EEF scholarship. Vote: all in favor
6. Current status of attendance appeals – still in effect for 10 unexcused absences?
• No. Board Policy says it should be, however, we are past the deadline. Under Mojave, with ten or more unexcused absences, with a click of a button, it would automatically change all grades to NC, but saved the teacher’s grade. Technology under Synergy does not preserve the grade. It is a technical issue that we are not advertising to students.
7. Good news update
Choir: Congratulations to the following 2018 Arizona All-State Choir members:
Ramal Hairston – Tenor, Sean Leonard – Bass, Justin Schicker – Bass 2nd alternate
Speech and Debate: Raquel Thrall got 4th place, Logan Smith got 3rd place, Halley Hughes got 2nd place, and Winta Tekle got 1st
Signing Day: Those who will be signing are Jacob Phillips-Baseball at Williston State College, Nikki Hacker- Golf at Pima
Community College, Danielle Jamieson-Softball at Embry Riddle, Ashley Bradford and Lauren Wedman-Softball at
Colorado Mesa University. Madisyn Arechederra –Softball at Iowa Lakes Community College, Alec Nguyen Soccer at
Pima Community College, Alexis Tapia and Shay McNelly- Soccer at Pima Community College.
Boy’s Volleyball won the Mt. View Tournament, beating #1 Ranked Mt. View in the Championship game
Boys Track Team won the Mario Castro Meet
Boys Baseball 2nd Place in the Chris Moon Tournament (Tucson High)
SARSEF: honors chemistry and honors biology sent 58 projects to SARSEF this week.
Coach of the Year: Congrats to Coach Botkin!
8. Site Council 2018-19 – open positions/end of terms
• We will need to find replacements for: 4 certified, 1 classified, and 1 parent for 2018-2019. An email will be sent to staff, requesting volunteers.
Principal report Updates
• Mandatory ID’s Next Year – every student and all faculty will need to carry ID with them at all times as a safety precaution. For students without ID, this will constitute a Level One offense.
• Rollover registration will be online (Parentlink makes this smoother). Few things need to be ironed out with schedule pickup, as it will be different (how to get ID’s, underclass pictures, etc.)
• Waiting on the magnets for doors – they have been ordered and should be coming in soon.
• Solar Panel Project – will begin in June and Vicksburg lot will be shut down. Then the front lots will be done. The structures should be complete before August, and half of lot will be done at a time to not disrupt all parking.
Summer Programs
• Summer School Registration Next Registration Date (April 18, Cafeteria 4-6)
• AP Boot Camp will be the second half of summer school – no credit and no fee
• Freshmen Academy will be the 1st half of summer school and is currently being promoted. Students may receive .5 credit and can regain eligibility. Flyers will be going out next week.
• Students who perform well on AzMerit (Proficient on all 3) can receive up to 1.5 elective credits (not retroactive and can be denied if there is a GPA concern)
• Code of Conduct Updates for Feedback due by May 9th

April 18 Future Frosh Curriculum Night
April 20 Spirit Assembly
April 27 Prom
April 28 Cougar Foundation Gold Tournament

Parent report – Dr. Jennifer Mohr (Tucson dentist) offers football players FREE mouth guards. Call 290-8900 to request appointment. Prom and Yearbook are celebrating 50th Golden Anniversary. A committee should be made for festivities for next school year.
Student Council report – check out the 300 building bathrooms. Where the mirrors once were are now positive quotes. StuCo will continue on to 100 building and then 200 building. Spirit Week is next week.
Monday: Sports, Tuesday: Decades, Wednesday: Squad, Thursday: College, Friday: Fun in the Sun
Community report – none

Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be May 8, 2018.