Kidnapped Son Reunited with Mom After 31 Years

Photo from Joy Online

Photo from Joy Online

Amanda Mourelatos, Associate Editor-in-Chief

When Lyneth Mann-Lewis heard her son, Jermaine Allan Mann, was found, her reaction was, “The words ‘Your son is alive, we found him’ – that is breathtaking.” Lyneth’s 21 month-old son was abducted in 1987 by his own father, Allan Mann. Jermaine was told that his mother had died when he was born. His father allegedly took his son on June 24th, 1987 during a visitation; Jermaine’s parents had separated the year before the kidnapping. Police in both the U.S. and Canada were searching for the missing boy for 31 years.

Image by AOL

Jermaine’s image had been in and out of missing children networks. Finally, after 31 years, the father was arrested on October 26th, 2018 with charges of making false statements in the U.S. and an abduction charge in Canada. Mr. Mann also created fake birth certificates that stated they were from Texas in order to purchase a rental house. As soon as Lyneth saw her son, she held him tight before saying anything. She also made sure to cook him a meal before heading back to Canada. Jermaine’s mother said, “I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering one should never give up but be patient, be strong and believe that all things are possible and that anything can transpire.”