5 States Fight Measles Outbreak

5 States Fight Measles Outbreak

Kianna Montano, Beat Investagator-ELL/Foreign

Five states are currently reporting measles outbreaks in 2019, almost nearing to last year’s total. The outbreaks have been found in New York State, Washington, Texas, Illinois, and in California.

Measles is a highly contagious and extremely rare viral infection that spreads through the air, coughs, sneezes, and pretty much all of the symptoms of measles. Usually, kids under the age of five are most at risk. 90 percent of people who have interactions with the infected will catch it and since the incubation period lasts 2 weeks without any symptoms, it spreads like wildfire. Even with vaccines and preventative procedures, the disease still kills more than 100,000 people a year, most of those, kids.

It is a 314 nationwide case as of March 21, it is inching the 372 for all of last year’s cases.

In Rockland County, NY, where 155 cases were confirmed on Wednesday, the County Executive Ed Day, announced a state of emergency and will be banning any kind of unvaccinated person under the age of 18 from appearing in any public place.

“This is about healthy people being quarantined and barred from public places,” said Rita Palma, one of the protesters. “People have a right to choose for their own children and make their own decisions.”

Infectious-disease experts explain about broad bans of minors from other public places as a potential unprecedented government action.
The NYC health says that the initial case that triggered the outbreak in the areas involved an unvaccinated child who somehow picked up the disease while he/she was on a visit to Israel, also that is where a large outbreak of the disease was definitely occurring.