Salmonella Turkey Outbreak Right Before Thanksgiving

Jamie Beck, Fine arts/Slideshow editor

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Salmonella was found in turkeys and federal health officials are still trying to figure out the origin of the outbreak in turkey goods. Salmonella in turkeys has spread to 35 states, including 12 in New York and made over 164 people sick; the outbreak has hospitalized 63 people, killing one in California. Salmonella was found in poultry parts — legs, breasts, wings, ground turkey, chicken, pet food and live turkeys. Investigators found the same strain of turkey-related salmonella in 22 slaughtering facilities and seven processing establishments but have not provided any information on which brands of turkey are making people ill. Health officials say the investigation has been complex because the strain has been identified in a wide range of products, and investigators have been interviewing sick people to trace it back to a single source. Consumers can protect themselves by cooking their turkey, other poultry products, and meat thoroughly, the cooking process kills the salmonella. Additionally, it is essential that people wash their hands after handling raw poultry, meat and pet food to avoid contamination of other foods, spice containers, or kitchen surfaces.