P.E. Elective Choices


Kianna Montano, Beat Investagator-ELL/Foreign

Are you missing any P.E. credits or maybe thinking of staying active for your elective? Well there are a few P.E. options you can choose from for the next school year (2019-2020). All these P.E. classes do count all as P.E. credits.

Your P.E. choices for next year are:

  1. Weight Training– weight training can help you improve your overall health and to learn proper form, so you don’t hurt yourself and are sure to work the body part you’re looking to enhance. This class is mainly for football and basketball players. But it’s also a way to try and get fit.
  2. Badminton- badminton teaches you the necessary techniques of this life long sport and everyone who takes it ends up getting super competitive. Also at the end of the year for badminton the best players are able to go on to an all schools State Championship.
  3. Body Conditioning– this class can help you trim fat, increase muscle tone and prepare your body for any sports you play. And if you’re also trying to find a way to get fit, body conditioning is one of the best choice to make.