Toddler Survives Three Days Lost In Woods by Befriending a Bear

Toddler Survives Three Days Lost In Woods by Befriending a Bear

Samantha Valdez, Opinion Editor

On Tuesday, January 22nd three-year-old Casey Hathaway went missing. He was playing in his grandma’s back yard and when she called all the children inside all of them came except for Casey. His family looked for him for about 45 minutes before deciding to call the police. FBI, NCIS, the Marine Corps and lots of volunteers helped look for the missing child. Authorities used dogs, drones, and helicopters for the search. Due to the horrible weather, volunteers could no longer help look for the boy in the deep remote areas of the woods.

On the third day police received another tip.  When they got to the area they could hear the yelling of a young boy. When Casey was found he was tangled up in vines, he was cold, but alive…an with a very interesting story of how he survived by making friends…with a bear. He told police what happened in the woods. “In the emergency room he started talking about what happened in the woods and he said he had a friend that was a bear with him while he was in the woods.” 

It is proven that in the area where Casey was there are bears, but it is impossible to know if he really was with one. Soon they will perform a forensic exam on Casey to help determined what really happened in the woods. They also haven’t interviewed him because he is very young and they do not want to influence any trauma to the young boy.

The good thing is that even though Casey was alone in the woods with harsh temperatures he was able to feel comfort, even if it was with a real friend or not.