Join The Paper Cut, Yearbook, and Other Media Electives

Join The Paper Cut, Yearbook, and Other Media Electives

Krystina Vazquez

Are you interested in all things media? Well, Sahuaro High School offers many elective courses that just might be right for you next school year like photography, newspaper, yearbook, and a fairly new course, 3D media arts. There are many benefits and opportunities in these classes.


This is a great class for all those writers out there. Newspaper (called Publications for Business officially) is taught by Ms. Lange. This class is a new elective with brand-new laptops in her classroom for student use.  It involves reporting about everything that goes on in school, the community, and the world.  And it’s a really fun environment. Ms. Lange states, “It’s great to have an online newspaper for kids who want to be involved in school. [Newspaper class] is a great learning experience for people who want to become journalists. It’s exciting because you get to see people read and comment on your hard work.” Newspaper is full of different positions – you could write about potentially anything you’d want about the school, take pictures, make videos, blog, and more. This class is very involved with all things Sahuaro. Senior Editor-in-Chief, Giselle Enriquez says, “I like this class because you get to work with others, and use the laptops. You get a better understanding of people and communication. You get to produce something amazing.”


Mr. Halfmann teaches both beginning and advanced photography. “Photography class let’s you explore your talent by taking pictures and being creative,” said Mr. Halfmann. Photography is an elective class that let’s you explore your talent and creativity with cameras.  One student in the class, Mia Moore says, “The class is good, I learn a lot about photoshop, and editing pictures.” Another student in the photography class, Austin Taylor, says, “The class informs me about how to use a professional camera.” This class is a great elective for all those people who are fascinated with capturing the moment.

Yearbook (officially called “Journalism”)

Teacher Mr.Halfmann says, “It’s a great class because you get to put together a product people get to buy and keep for the rest of their life.” Well, it’s implied in the title, you’ll get to help design the yearbook. If you decide to take this class during your senior year, you’ll get to see your yearbook in the making. One of the students in that class, Gabby Reynaga, takes photos for the yearbook. She says, “You get to have a unique experience and meet a lot of new people.” Yearbook class also is interactive with fellow students, like the newspaper class. The Editor in Chief of the yearbook class, Isabella Inolio, says, “I like to be able to make something that the school will remember.” Yearbook class is very involved with Sahuaro High School.

Graphic Web Design

You guessed it, Mr. Halfmann also teaches this class. Graphic Web Design is also known as a 3D animation class. The teacher says, “Students design projects on a computer. We are planning on getting a 3D projecter with some 3D glasses so we can view our finished products. It’s a high tech class. We are considering going on field trips to other campuses who also teach this class.” 3D animation is a good class for people who are interested in making cartoons or video games.

These electives are potential classes for you next year!