Is The Ice Age Coming Back??


Caleb Pendleton, Op-Ed Editor

Scientists are blown away by a jaw-dropping discovery in April of 2019. After sighting a Black Hole, landing a rover on Mars, along with a ton of other global accomplishments in 2019, a 40,000 year old Foul was found in the Permafrost in Siberia’s Batagaika Crater also known as the “Door way to The Underworld”. Semyon Grigoryev, who is the owner of the Mammoth Museum in the regional capitol of Yakustk, says that, “We can now claim that this is the best-preserved Ice Age animal ever found in the world.” The cloth on the animal is beautiful and scientists say this creature almost looks like it is just sleeping.

Siberian Times Image

Scientists are hoping to be able to clone the horse extracting the blood of the heart and the urine in the balder, both of which has been preserved. The foul died at the age of 2 to 3 months old at only 98 centimeters, and surprisingly even the internal organs were still conserved by the Permafrost. This horse is called an Equus lenensis aka the Lena Horse. These horses are extinct and were last recorded to walk among the regions of the late Pleistocene. Image

Scientists will take DNA tests from the foul’s location and perform an autopsy on the horse to see how it died as well as how it lived. There are no wounds on the foul and no signs of how it died, but scientists can assume that it died from drowning after getting itself stuck in a natural trap.

Grigoryev did tell the Russian news agency (TASS) that, “Finding a preserved horse’s hair was almost unheard of, and having preserved hair is another scientific sensation as all previous ancient horses were found without hair.