The Scheme

Tucson’s Newest Basement Venue


Amber Landon, Reporter

The wall where the bands set up

Imagine walking into a stranger’s house and immediately feeling the heat come from down stairs. You look down the staircase and see a bunch of people jumping around, running and singing at the top of their lungs. This idea is a reality at Tucson’s newest basement venue, The Scheme. “At first I was really confused, but my friend invited me to a show and I just went,” said junior Olivia Easton.

Shows are typically 5$ or sometimes even free. The venue hosts local bands, and typically end at 10:00 pm. “Everyone will talk to you, and everyone is super welcoming,” says Olivia Easton. You can meet new friends from different schools while enjoying some awesome music. They typically provide free water, as it naturally gets hot.

The Limes when they signed the artist wall

The venue is cool as well.  There are different themed walls in the house, each one painted by somebody new and each has a unique theme. There’s a wall behind where the bands play that says “SCHEME”, a graffiti wall, and a blacklight wall. There’s also a wall where bands sign after playing there. The venue can get pretty intense, but everyone is pretty respectful, “My favorite memory is getting there and immediately starting a mosh pit,” said sophomore Chris Tipton. You can have a lot of fun here, but it’s definitely not for everyone.