Top Five Netflix Series I Watched in 2019


Sawnsurae Vega, Reporter

In The Dark

In the Dark aired on Netflix in August 2019. Murphy Mason, played by Perry Mattfeld, has retinitis pigmentosa and has been blind since she was fourteen years old. Now in her early twenties, she lives with her childhood best friend, Jess Damon, played by Brooke Markham. Murphy is drifting through life in a dark depression, using alcohol and cigarettes to cope. During one of her drunken binges, Murphy takes a smoke break in the alley behind her apartment complex and ends up getting attacked and beaten. Fifteen year old Tyson Parker, played by Thamela Mpumlwana, saves her life and they end up as close friends. When Tyson suddenly disappears and the police are no help, Murphy takes it upon herself to investigate and find out what happened to Tyson. This series takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns before coming to an abrupt end after the eighth episode. In the Dark is a must watch. Season two will be coming out sometime in 2020.

The OA

The OA stars a young blind woman named Prairie Johnson, who has been missing for seven years. Prairie resurfaces in an odd fashion, refusing to tell her family or law enforcement what happened to her and where she’s been.  She now calls herself the OA for Original Angel, and the strangest thing, she now has her vision back. Prairie finds five people to build a team because she believes there is a portal to another dimension that can be opened with herself and four others. Prairie tells her story to the five team members and explains what she wants them to do – save her boyfriend Homer from the other dimension. Prairie and her  five friends embark on a journey across America searching for  her captor and her boyfriend Homer. This series is a must  watch to find out what happens in the end. There are two seasons to catch up on.

What If

What If is a thrilling series that questions morals. Anne Montgomery, played by Renee Zellweger, is an insanely rich entrepreneur, known for her scandalous approach to life and business. Anne meets a newlywed couple struggling to make ends meet and offers them an amazing deal to invest in their company that was spiraling downhill. Why would she invest in a company that is going nowhere? No other investors would touch it with a ten foot pole. Well, there’s a catch. Anne asks for one night alone with the husband, Sean, and he isn’t allowed to tell his wife Lisa anything about what happens during that night or Anne gets the rights to the company. This dramatic series is dark and twisted.  Does it have to do with revenge? This is another must watch to find out why Anne makes this offer and what happens during the one night alone.

                            The Sinner 

 The Sinner season 2. Detective Harry Ambrose helps an old friend in his home town of Keller, New York, investigate a double murder. Harry’s friend’s daughter, Heather Novack is now a detective as well, new to the position. A thirteen year old boy, Julian, was found in the woods outside a hotel where the two adult bodies were found, apparently poisoned to death. Julian breaks his silence to Harry and reveals that he poisoned them with tea that was laced with Jimson weed, but wouldn’t explain why. Vera, Julian’s mother appears at the courthouse stating that her son was kidnapped by the two that were murdered and that Julian was using self defense. Detective Novack discovered that Vera and Julian were from a cult called Mosswood, a place that one of detective Novack’s childhood friends, Maryann, was sucked into, then disappeared into thin air. It is soon discovered that Vera is not actually Julian’s biological mother and that Maryann was the biological mother. The series has many forks in the road and the writer is excellent at not revealing them too early in the season so they remain a surprise until the end. Must watch Netflix series.

Stranger Thing

Stranger Things Season 3 is set in the summer of Hawkins, Indiana in 1985. It’s a continuation of the first two seasons, only now the child cast members are one year older and dealing with teenage hormones. Eleven and Mike are now a couple, as well as Max and Lucas, and Dustin and Suzie. Dustin met Suzie at camp over the summer. Her parents are devout Mormons and do not allow Suzie and Dustin to date, so they only communicate over the walkie talkie. The group doesn’t believe that Suzie even exists. Will is the only one without a girlfriend; he still wants to hang out with the guys and play Dungeons and Dragons, but his guy friends are too busy kissing their girlfriends. Strange things start happening again in Hawkins. Will’s mom Joyce notices that her magnets get demagnetized. Mrs. Driscoll complains of demonized rats, and Billy gets possessed by The Mind Flayer. Dustin builds a radio tower to communicate better with Suzie and intercepts a coded message from the Russians, who are using the new mall to get secret shipments of mysterious liquid. Hopper and Joyce discover the reason behind the demagnetization of the magnets and the mysterious liquid. Must watch this amazing thriller to see what the end entails.