Tucson’s New Radio Station Targets Adult Listeners

Tucsons New Radio Station Targets Adult Listeners

Alex Herman, Reporter

Do you or someone you know like to listen to a mix of music from the 60’s through the 80’s? Well in that case, a brand new radio station has just come to Tucson! (cool right?)

Introducing “The Drive”, a new radio station that is Tucson-focused music and entertainment. This station is particularly targeting an audience of the ages 45 to 64. The station’s owners, Fletcher McCusker, Bobby Rich, and Jim Arnold have stated that “those are the listeners that have long been neglected not only in Tucson but nationwide by corporate-owned radio that focuses on the 25-to-40 segment.” “We kind of view them as a lost audience,” said Tucson business man and community activist McCusker. The Drive will request an audience that identify as “baby boomers.” They have said that “It’s not classic rock. It’s not golden oldies,” but it is going to be “unique.”

From left is Bobby Rich, Fletcher McCusker and Jim Arnold https://tucson.com/

The new station’s owners are a trio who actually formed Radio Tucson LLC. They started working on The Drive early this year when Family Life (Christian broadcaster) took over the Lotus-owned talk radio station KQTH-FM.

Host Ken Carr https://tucson.com/

When Scripps purchased Lotus, they already had four local radio stations, including classic rock leader KLPX 96.1-FM and alternative “Rock 102” KFMA. But with the new purchase, it put Lotus “over the FCC limit for ownership in a single market, forcing the company to sell the conservative news-talk station KQTH 104.1-FM to Family Life.” The station will start to broadcast from its downtown studio that’s currently a work in progress on the first floor of 64 E. Broadway. Rich and Hill Bailey, and Ken Carr among many others who are radio personalities, have recently joined The Drive. Rich would say, “I am very excited” because there is a 45+ audience that doesn’t have a radio station of just their own. It is said that the station simulcast will “initially go on air without advertising” and they will be hiring small sales staff that will be looking for advertisers seeking to reach an older and overlooked market.

With all that being said, I think it’s safe to say that this station will be a nice way for adults and even Sahuaro teachers to enjoy music and find out what is going on in the world.