Can Your Dog Get a Job?

Alexis Bitnar, Reporter

Does your Dog like staying in hotels or is he just a little bit spoiled?  Then this is the job for them. Many hotel review sights are now hiring dogs and their owners to give reviews on Dog hotels and spas, director Liz Oakman, senior and general manager of EMEA, which owns, told Metro,“We love our pets more than we love our other half at times, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge increase in travelers wanting to take their furry plus one on holiday with them.” is looking for the next “canine critic” to go around the world and review dog hotels and get paid.

This job is made especially for your dog, but you can go with them too. This is the perfect position for dogs and their owners who love to travel or are just stressed and need a break from life. Some things you can do to possibly win the 10 vouchers for dog-friendly hotels, each worth up to $200, is post a picture of them on Instagram, follow @hotelsdotcom account and tag @hotelsdotcom, and also follow and tag #CanineCritic  and you will be automatically entered into the contest. The winner will be announced on Sept.18. And If your dog is not into reviewing hotels he/she can also review dog spas and resorts.