Pewdiepie Hit 100 Million Subscribers and Got Married


Emma Walrath, Reporter

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has surpassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube, becoming the first individual creator to do so. Felix has been making YouTube videos for nine years after he hit the historic subscriber count. It has been a bumpy ride as he has run into many controversies, some stemming from racist comments and Anti-Semitic imagery over years.

Kjellberg revolutionized gaming videos on YouTube and how mainstream media treats creators. Back when he started out in 2010 there were no Youtubers on mainstream television, but he went on to be covered often by major news networks, and appeared on talk shows, even garnering a book deal. He has held a large influence over platform because from 2013 to a few months ago he held the highest subscriber count on the website.

Kjellberg called the milestone “an unreal achievement” in a tweet on Monday morning. “I don’t feel worthy, but I’m forever grateful,” he wrote. In a video ahead of the milestone, Kjellberg thanked his subscribers and expressed awe at the coming achievement. “I still don’t believe it,” he said. “Before YouTube I was that weird kid with no friends, and suddenly there’s so many people who enjoy what I do.”

He has also has begun a Minecraft play-through series on his challenge that consistently brings in around 12 million views an episode and has been very positively reviewed by fans. He has used his influence for more than just Minecraft, he has encouraged his audience to donate to different causes through the years, raising millions.

The other milestone he hit was more personal; he got married to his girlfriend of 8 years Mariza Bisognin on August 15th. He shared his wedding video on his channel and was congratulated by YouTube.