The Real Football Life

Athlete Spotlight: Izaiah Davis


Nevaeh, Reporter

On August 30th , Izaiah Davis and I sat down and had an exclusive conversation that really went in depth about him and his personal football life.

With practicing 6 days a week, not to mention attending school 5 out of 6 of those days, Davis rarely has any free time. When he does, he’s either hitting the gym or playing video games.

When talking to him about his team, I asked, “ How would your describe the chemistry as well as the bond between you and your teammates?”

He took a moment then responded, “We are all close, we love each other, and we have each other’s back through thick and thin.”

Before games, Davis’s special routine on game days is that he really takes time to pray and wishes the best for the team.

“What does walking around campus as well as off campus mean to you?” I asked.

“Honestly I feel like a jersey with a big number on your back can mean a lot of different things, but for me personally I feel like I as a player stand out in a positive way to other people.”