Boy Goes Blind From Bad Diet


Alorah Leinenbach, Reporter

Who knew that having a bad diet could change your life forever. Eating a diet consisting of french fries, wheat bread, and Pringles made a teenage boy lose his eye sight. A scientist from University of Bristol examined the case of a young teenage boy who was an extremely picky eater which led to blindness. They have warned many others that a bad diet could change everyone’s life. When asked, he said that he had only eaten french fries from the fish and chips shop. He had been eating wheat bread and Pringles since elementary school, and avoided foods with certain textures.

The teenage boy first visited a doctor at age 14 complaining about tiredness but wasn’t taking any medication at the time. During the doctors visit they said that there were no visible shows of malnutrition. One year after the visit there were some signs of hearing loss and vision symptoms but they still had no cause. They later found out that the patients’ bad diet habits led to nutritional optic neuropathy.

By age 17 his eye sight had worsened to the point of almost blindness and most likely to be permanent. At this point there is nothing he can do to help himself.  According to NPR, Around the globe, poor diets are a leading contributor to premature death — even more than smoking — and in the U.S., an estimated 1,000 deaths per day from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are linked to diet.