Feel-Good Stories In The Face of Many Tragedies

Feel-Good Stories In The Face of Many Tragedies

Emma Walrath, Editor in Cheif

It seems like news today is only bombarded with negative stories in the world, which can negatively impact us all. There has to be good things going on in the world, right? Well, there are heartwarming stories in the world, hopefully the following stories will brighten your day:

Alex Trebek is back on ‘Jeopardy’

After four months of stage four pancreatic cancer treatment, he is back to host the 36th season of the show. In May, Trebek announced that he had been doing so well that his doctors had declared him “near remission.” He has began taping again as of a few weeks ago. Read more about his return on CNN, here.

When Sick 3-Year-old is Quarantined, People Began Showing Up Outside His Window To Entertain Him

An energetic 3-year-old named Quinn Waters was under doctor’s orders to stay away from people. His body’s immune system was temporarily wiped out because of a life-saving stem cell treatment to kill his cancer. Even a common cold could create a medical emergency, so poor Quinn had to stay in his room, quarantined even from his family.

While the boy is steadily recovering, there has been one thing the family could do to ease his solitude—they would show up to play with him through the window. He got to see folk dancing, acoustic concerts, and makeshift circus shows. They even organized a dog parade. Hundreds of people rallied to keep the boy occupied. Read more on Good News, here.

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants for $1.6 Million So They Can Retire

Because of the cruelties many wild circus animals face, Denmark has a coming law outlawing them. That is why the government has purchased them – to allow them to be free. Read more, here.

After Porcupine is Rejected By His Mother, Wiener Dog Steps in to Be His Best Friend

Zookeeper Estelle Morgan has been hand-rearing Diablo the porcupette since he was rejected by his mom at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire, England. When Diablo was just a few days old, Morgan took him home to give him a better chance of survival

and introduced him to her dachshund puppy Fig for some essential social interactions to help with his development—and the two critters quickly became best friends. He is currently being bottle-fed by Morgan in her kitchen at her home located within the wildlife park.