New York Bans Juuls Because They’re Not Cuul

Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor in Chief

Around the United States, a total of 6 people have died due to a severe lung disease that has been linked with vaping. Many others have ended up in the hospital. The claims of these lung problems are not proven to be directly linked with vaping. However, the one thing all the patients have in common is the fact that they had vaped. “Nearly 400 people around the country have been stricken with a lung illness that is potentially vaping-related” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The issue is mainly that students seem to be the target when it comes to flavored juuls – flavors ranging from cucumber to crème can be found at any corner store or even online.

There are many ways around online shopping, a child could easily put their parents I.D., social security, or one of a friend that’s 18 or older.

Michigan, and now New York have banned flavored e-cigarettes, claiming it an ’emergency.’

“Vaping is dangerous,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference. “It’s addicting millions of young people to nicotine at a very early age.” A nicotine addiction caused by vaping can lead to smoking cigarettes in the near future, which is also a concern to health officials.