Purdue Pharma Moolah Battle

Dacey Cervantes, Reporter

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In the last two decades opioids, as well as painkillers such a Oxycontin and street heroin, caused more than an estimated 400,000 deaths in the Untied States. Purdue Pharma has been pinpointed as the main cause in this crisis with more than 2,600 federal and state lawsuits, and more on the way. Lawsuits caused by their part in fueling America’s opioid crisis, the Oxycontin manufacturer filed for bankruptcy Sunday night, September 15th, 2019.


Filling for bankruptcy was part of an agreement to pay billions of dollars to states and local and tribal governments. Purdue has denied any wrongdoing and are determined that when they are approved for bankruptcy it will provide over $10 billion in support for the crisis caused. This will include settlements with 24 state attorneys generals, attorneys in multi-district litigation and five US territories. 

The Sackler family, owners of the company, aim for the bankruptcy to end their, “ownership in Purdue and ensure its assets are dedicated for the public benefit.” If them filing for bankruptcy is approved, it will cause all lawsuits to be put on stand by, while anyone who agrees to this settlement will get paid first. However, there is a catch, anyone who doesn’t settle will be put on the back burner and may never see their money again.