Justin Trudeau’s Past May Risk Re-election

from latimes.com

from latimes.com

Brendon Davis, Reporter

Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada who is up for re-election, but controversial information has surfaced about him recently and it’s getting people rowdy.

Justin Trudeau was voted Prime Minister in 2015, which made him the 23rd Prime Minister. He was the first to legalize weed in Canada. He is also a known LGBT ally and feminist and has spoken up and apologized about unfair treatments made towards them.

From TIMES magazine

Recently, pictures of him at a party doing blackface has surfaced. The photo was from his 2000-2001 yearbook and the party was themed “Arabian Nights.” Trudeau was wearing a turban and robes with his face, neck, and hands completely darkened with paint of some sort. This has caused some uproar, especially with him running for re election. A political scientist had said, “Justin Trudeau’s understanding about race and racism doesn’t seem to have deep roots.”

Trudeau apologized on September 18th, saying that he “should’ve known better.” Others in politics have said that his apology was based on a lie. Andrew Scheer, Trudeau’s opponent, said that due to the emergence of it all it had to all be based on a lie, he also said, “He was specifically asked if there were other instances where he engaged in that type of racist behavior and he indicated there was only one other instance. Now we know there [were] at least three.”  He brought up about how Canadians wouldn’t have believed him if he had based it all on a lie. We can’t get a clear idea if Scheer is making this up to make himself look better, but this has starkly changed people’s views on Trudeau and could affect the main outcome of the upcoming election.