Marching Band Alumni


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Some people dread the thought of ever coming back to high school, but these three obviously don’t: Kiara Garrett,  Michael (Charlie) Meneguin and Miranda Nielson. These alumni come back every day to help staff Marching Band and Indoor Drumline, which is an all-percussion show that is during the winter. With the help of staff, they help our Marching Band shows look and sound amazing.

Kiara Garrett getting an after-show high five!

Kiara Garrett is a sophomore at the U of A and marches bass with the Pride of Arizona. Kiara helps our drumline with marching and correct techniques and stand tunes.” I came back to teach at Sahuaro because I wanted to help the band program. I wanted to help the program because it did so much for me while I was there…and I know how much work and effort has to go into the activity, so I wanted to help make sure that other students are able to have those same great experiences.”

Charlie celebrating a touchdown with the Pride

“I didn’t do anything music-related my freshman year of college. No classes or anything. After seven years of having music be a big part of my life, having it disappear like that was a big change.” Michael (Charlie) Meneguin has been teaching at Sahuaro for three years and is a junior at the U of A. He helps with trumpets and front ensemble at Sahuaro and marches trumpet with the Pride of Arizona. Charlie teaches rookies front ensemble for Marching Band and Indoor Drumline.

“I always looked up to the staff, as color guard we never had one until right as I was leaving Sahuaro. So to be asked to come back was important. I knew that in order to grow the program for Marching Band they needed extra support.” Miranda Nielsen started to do color guard as a junior in high school and has yet to stop. She helps staff Sahuaro’s Colorguard and helps them come up with the choreography.

The staff helps out with band every morning for zero periods and after school rehearsals on Thursdays. They help so that the band can constantly get better in certain areas of improvement, and so that every section sounds amazing. From learning to teaching, these three committed to a program during high school, and have yet to lose passion for it.